How To Tell If Your Dog Is Overweight

When a dog becomes overweight, it can cause many health problems for your dog. On average, obesity takes off two years of a dog’s life expectancy. The risks with overweight dogs include heart disease, respiratory issues, high blood pressure, arthritis, and skin problems.

Too Much Weight is No Fun fact it can cause other problems too. If your dog is obese she will not be able to run around or walk as far, missing out on all of the things a dog loves to do and vital instinct fulfilment.

All in the Name of Love

Some owners feel almost ‘guilty’ not giving there dog a tasty treat from their plate, in fact many see as a sign of love and affection but many do not realise they could literally be shorting their precious dogs life.
Above is a body score chart. It’s what vets use to determine your dogs body condition. This is the best way to determine your dogs weight and keep your dogs weight in check and in control.

Maddie Knight

ACC.Ad.Dip.Can.Psy AMACC Canine Psychologist and Behaviourist
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