Puppy Training….it’s Not Over Yet!

So my puppy, Beatrice is 10 months old today. We have gotten through the minor puppy stage and the – thinks she knows everything – teenager stage and have come through the other side happy, balanced and very well behaved….or so I thought!

Junior Dog Behaviour

It is perfectly normal for your puppy to go through that ‘teenage’ stage, settle back to the good puppy you brought her up to be and then have a second behaviour regression. I thought I had gotten off lightly with the mild naughtlyness from Beatrice but she was just testing the water geting ready for the real thing. Virtually, everything she has learnt has gone out of the window. She is even mouthing again!

Stay Calm and Consistant

The best and quickest way to get your puppy through this stage is to ingnore the bad behaviour and praise the good….yes that again! stay calm but firm with your boundaries and it will pass quickly. And remember to stay consistant. The more consistant your boundraies and limitations, the easier it will be for her get over this phase.

Maddie Knight

ACC.Ad.Dip.Can.Psy AMACC Canine Psychologist and Behaviourist
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