Yay, We’re Going to the Vets!

How many dogs would actually think that? Most likley the sight or smell of the vets tiggers shaking, hiding and nervous behaviours. So many dogs (and their owners) suffer great stress for routine appointmetns or simple complaints such as ear infections or split claws. Some can even snap and show aggressive displays such is their fear, making correct diagosis difficult and treatment sometimes impossible.

Continuining Socialisation

Even though the socilisation window has closed by now, (at aroung 18-20 weeks) continued socilasation is so important. You have put so much work in so far, making sure she is comfortable with everyday stimuli but now she may start to show nervousness or fear to stimuli previously she was ok with. That is why it is so important that training and exposeure to stimuli are continued.

Weigh in’s

As your puppy grows, she will need regular weight checks for correct feeding and correct dosing of parasite control. This is the perfect opportunity for getting her used to the vets. She should be ok with being examined by you, checking ears, feet, teeth etc but if you ask your vets when there is a quieter time to go and get weighed, most will be very happy for a nurse to come out and mock examine whilst she is being weighed. This makes for easy, stress free visits to the vets for the future where hopefully she will just need her yearly check up.

Maddie Knight

ACC.Ad.Dip.Can.Psy AMACC Canine Psychologist and Behaviourist
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