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About Your Consultation

The consult, which is about 2 hours long, would need to be in your dogs home environment with at least their primary carer there. After an assessment, which may need to include seeing them outside too, I would explain to you what the root of the problem is and explain why it is happening. I would then show you a rehabilitation programme and work through it with you until you are happy and comfortable with it. From there I would send a comprehensive report which explains all that I have spoken about and gives a step by step guide of the rehabilitation program.

After roughly a month or two I can come back to to reassess if you need. This may be because additional training needs to be given or a few adjustments made. Dogs, like us, learn at different speeds and are responsive to varying techniques so a re-visit is not always needed, but is available if required. None the less I will be available on the phone for any Support you need during the rehabilitation time.

– Maddie

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